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Troop Ratio and Effective ATTACKS!

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Troop Ratio and Effective ATTACKS!

Post by Stenzalos on Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:10 am

This is an example of how your troop count should look in terms of ratio.


100k Mounted Elves/Mounted Dwarves
400k Elven Militia/Dwarven Militia
200k Elven Archers/Axe Throwers


50k Mounted Hunters/Boar Riders
50k Elven Warriors/Dwarf Warriors
50k Scorpions/Siege Crossbows


100k Mounted Galadhrim/Heavy Boar Riders
150k Battering Rams
200k Ents/Catapults
Scouting the enemy is a great way to find out what types of troops they have most of, which lets you know what type of troop you should attack with.

When fighting T3 troops, if your hero is a higher level than the opponent. In this case you can use a mix of t2/t3, but if their hero is a similar level or higher, you must use T3, or else you will be losing a lot more might than they will. To find out if they have a higher hero level, scout them, and if their Great Hall is a higher level than yours, they have a higher hero.

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