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Relic Hunter! (collecting relics)

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Relic Hunter! (collecting relics) Empty Relic Hunter! (collecting relics)

Post by Stenzalos on Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:11 am

When it comes to second cities, some people get lucky and get a deed from gollum (which is rare), while others simply buy it. If you don’t want to spend money, and aren’t feeling lucky, this guide will show you the free, but long way to acquire the second city deed.

When collecting relics, you need to build a sage tower, the higher the level the better! Once you have that, scout a level 6-10 goblin camp nearby your city. (again the higher the level of goblin camp the better!) Look at the type of troops it has, and send in 3x the amount, of the opposite.

With a level 9 muster field you can spam 9 waves of attack.

First wave is the “breaker” which is the 3x amount of opposite troops.
Second wave is 30k t1
Send in 6 waves of 1 wagon each
Attack again with another 2 waves of 30k t1.
Repeat this until you have relics. You WILL lose troops with this method as goblin camps regenerate. The time at which a camp repopulates can vary, so follow these steps and you’ll be okay.

You can also have a friend with a sage tower, send in waves of wagons at the camp once it has been broken (no enemy troops) and collect relics as well. Then you can have your friend hide his troops and attack him/her and collect their relics. Only if they give you permission.

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